I have just finished deboning a chicken carcass. 

I am a crumby vegan but not because I like to make chicken soup for my dog. I am a crumby vegan because I can maintain a strict vegan diet at home but I struggle to do this when eating out. This is normally as there are no vegan alternatives… And sometimes I just want cheese!

In this blog I want to give you an honest account of my journey to become vegan, as well as the thoughts and feelings that go along with it. I aim to write informative, unbiased articles related to the vegan lifestyle and attitudes, but most of all…


My aim is not to be negative nor do I wish to offend. In an ideal world there would be no animal cruelty and I personally believe that the best way to get there is via encouragement, positivity and awareness. I dislike preachers so please do not imagine that I want to stand on a theoretical footstool and wag my finger.

I think a crumby vegan would make a crumby preacher.