A crumby vegan is someone who will sometimes choose the more tasty vegetarian option instead of the vegan option when eating out. I used to be a crumby vegan… Now I’m only half crumby. 

Wonderful Husband and I went out for dessert last Saturday. For the first time EVER I opted to have the less-appealing, vegan option: Sorbet. In my opinion, anything is less-appealing than chocolate brownie.

It generally takes a dramatic experience for a person to make the transition to a pescatarian, vegetarian or vegan diet. For many years, my lovely Mum said she would never be able to give up chicken. One day I got a call from a very upset, lovely Mum. She told me that whilst driving she saw a truck full of chickens being taken to, what she could only assume was, a slaughterhouse. From that day on she has been a pescatarian. Now my lovely Mum tells me she would never be able to give up fish…  

For me, becoming a pescatarian was easy.

  • I wasn’t super keen on meat.
  • Animal suffering was obvious (dead animal on my plate).

Becoming a vegetarian was easy.

  • Initially I was upset that I wouldn’t be able to eat tartar sauce anymore. Although, quite quickly after, I realised that it was OK to eat without fish (problem solved!).
  • Animal suffering was obvious (dead animal on my plate).

Becoming a vegan is different. The animal does not necessarily die to provide the consumer with dairy and eggs. There is no reminder of the suffering an animal has endured when we drink a glass of cow’s milk. On top of this, there are a lot of misleading adverts from the meat, dairy and egg industries giving the impression that farm animals live a happy, normal life. For example, a lot of people tend to buy free-range eggs because the hens are portrayed as leading a cruelty-free life. 

But what does ‘free-range’ actually mean?

For a very specific definition please click here, but for a brief one: box.jpg

In the case of free-range eggs, the word ‘free’ is very misleading.  

Since writing my blog I have discovered a new ‘vegan strength’. I previously researched topics related to animal cruelty, but maybe not as extensively as I am doing now. For example, last year I attempted to watch a video about the mutilation and killing of farm animals for meat, dairy and egg production. The video was five minutes long but I only managed 45 seconds. I was a wreck afterwards. However, last night I sat down, grasped on to the shoulders of Wonderful Husband and sat through a two minute video containing similar scenes. This time I wasn’t as emotional, but maybe that’s because I have become more familiar with the production of dairy and eggs. 

For the time being, I will be vegan unless there is absolutely no other alternative (but everywhere sells chips right?!). But thanks to this blog and the motivation it has given me, I will always choose the less-appealing, vegan sorbet over the chocolate brownie… Unless it is a vegan chocolate brownie!

(If you would like to become aware of the cruelty inflicted on farm animals, then please click here to watch a similar video. Note that some may find the scenes distressing.)