I have been vegan for approximately four months. I cannot be absolutely sure if any of the following points are a direct consequence of being vegan but they are occurring at the same time… Coincidence? You decide.  

  1. I have a lot of energy. I especially notice this after dining with meat-eaters. They seem tired and sometimes bloated from over-eating whereas I feel great.
  2. I’m doing better at the gym. Before becoming vegan I would get dizzy when exercising at the gym. Since my change in diet I haven’t felt dizzy. I’ve also started using larger weights. 
  3. Cheese makes me feel rubbish. Since being vegan I have eaten cheese three times (to avoid social awkwardness). After doing so I feel very uncomfortable and unwell. This could be psychological as well as a lactose issue I had in the past (although I could handle it like a ‘pro’ back then 😎).
  4. I have gained weight. In the last month I have gained four kilos. I made a conscious effort to gain weight by increasing my food portions… and it’s working! 
  5. My hair feels softer. I haven’t made any changes in the way I wash my hair (Kiss My Face Shampoo and Conditioner) yet I can’t stop touching it because of the remarkable difference.
  6. I had a cold… FOR ONE DAY! The locals were becoming poorly with a cold and one evening I could feel the symptoms coming on. The next day I felt awful so I stayed in bed watching films and drinking water. I expected to feel worse the day after but instead I woke up feeling fine. I have never experienced such a quick recovery 😮
  7. I speak out for animals more. I asked Wonderful Husband if he had noticed any changes in me since becoming vegan. He said “you have become more conscious and aware of anything involving animals“. Wonderful Husband is absolutely right. The more I learn, the more I want to tell people.
  8. I feel happier. I don’t feel guilty about the food I eat anymore.

All of this and I still have time to fight climate change (the most effective way to halt climate change is to eat a plant-based diet, to be discussed in a later article). I feel like a wannabe superhero!