Vegans are getting a bad reputation. 

Lovely Auntie Lynne told me about a dream she had recently. ‘I had a dream last night that I killed a very big spider, cut it in three pieces as it was so big, then I was worrying that you were going to put it on my bit of your blog 😞‘. Lovely Auntie Lynne would never dream of killing a spider (please ignore the pun). I lived with Lovely Auntie Lynne and Uncle Pat for four years. During that time, if a humongous spider came running at me (yes they run at me!) then either my auntie or uncle would come to my rescue and help the spider safely outside. Lovely Auntie Lynne would even reassure the spider that he was safe and there was nothing to be scared of. 

I chose to talk about Lovely Auntie Lynne because she is a very sensitive meat-eater. She is so sensitive to animal suffering that I use her as a benchmark when writing my blog articles. Lovely Auntie Lynne and I have never had a conversation about her diet and I don’t think we ever will. If we spoke about it, then that would make animal suffering and factory farming real in her mind and she would have to confront the painful emotions that would surface. Understandably, she doesn’t want to do that until she is ready, if at all. Likewise, Lovely Auntie Lynne does not try to justify eating meat to me. There is a mutual, unspoken, respect. 

Whilst working on my recent petition (please sign if you haven’t already!) I joined several online network groups based on veganism and animal welfare. In doing so I came across one, very large group with very forthright, bigoted, angry vegans. Let’s call them the Angry Vegans. The Angry Vegans show anger and disrespect towards the people that eat meat as well as other vegans that don’t meet their standards, such as

  • vegans that cook meat for their family and friends
  • vegans that feed meat to their pets
  • vegans that ride horses

The list goes on… And so I posted a meme in their group: 


The post didn’t get many ‘likes’.

The Angry Vegans spam their family and friends with photos of dogs being boiled alive, bulls being stabbed and pigs being murdered. I’m sure a very small percentage of their contacts may begin to question their diet but I read about many of them upsetting their loved ones. I admire their passion but I don’t want to be like them. I want to keep my relationship with Lovely Auntie Lynne.

To quote Tobias Longhaart (The Vegan Strategist) “It’s probably not a very good idea to use advocacy as an outlet for your anger. The veganism, or feminism, or any other social justice movement just becomes… angry-ism.”

If Lovely Auntie Lynne wants to change her diet, she will. Until then she will go on caring for animals in her own, very-effective way. It is not my responsibility to tell people how to live their life because it is only my opinion. A little understanding and a little less judgement from the Angry Vegans wouldn’t go amiss and then maybe people wouldn’t judge us vegans so harshly either… A lot of vegans used to eat meat once, one of them being me.