Warning: This post has no significant meaning. I just wanted to tell you about my mega (first official!) vegan birthday

Wonderful Husband and I spent the last two weeks away from home. First we headed to the UK to attend the wedding of our friends and then celebrate the birthday of Bestest Daddy. I was excited about heading back to the UK after a year of being away.

I had heard great things about the UK embracing veganism and finding vegan options was easy-peasy during my time in London. In Soho we visited the new veggie Pret A Manger which had lots of vegan options. Lots of fantastic restaurants are also including great vegan options now, I would highly recommend Nopi and Mildreds.

In Leeds I had a lovely, incredibly-easy vegan weekend to celebrate Bestest Daddy’s birthday. We went for lunch at the Garden Room Cafe in Roundhay Park, had chinese takeaway for dinner over a few games of cards and then a lovely vegan English breakfast the next morning.

At our friend’s wedding in Scotland, I had been put down for a vegetarian meal but to my surprise (apart from a small lump of cheese that was easily avoidable) the starter and main were entirely vegan! Although, on our journey back, I was disappointed to find that Virgin trains offer no vegan option. So I tweeted them.


I guess that’s better than nothing.

Next, my amazing vegan birthday presents:

  • For my birthday, Nutty Friend Ravin became a vegetarian for a week! Ravin is a big meat-eater so this saved a lot of animal lives. Ravin also sent me lots of photos of the food he prepared to show how dedicated he was to my birthday present 💛
  • Lovely Aunties Lynne and Alison both gave me money for my birthday. When I asked them if I could donate it to Mercy for Animals (a mega farm animal charity) they were more than happy for me to 😀 Thanks Lovely Aunties!
  • An extra present was finding out that Lovely Auntie Lynne now drinks chocolate soya milk. I know it wasn’t intended to be a birthday present but I totally took it as one. Look at her fridge —–>img-20161003-wa0009
  • Amazing Uncle Leonard made two donations in my name to the RSPCA. One from himself and one from his son, my mega cousin Jake. Such a thoughtful birthday present from them both!
  • Last but absolutely not least, Wonderful Husband booked us a glamping trip in Cadiz, Spain. It has been one of the greatest experiences I have shared with Wonderful Husband. Here is a brief low-down of my very vegan holiday

On 5th Oct 2016, we (myself, Wonderful Husband and Nutty Dog) drove from Dénia to Almeria. Driving all the way to Cadiz in one day would have been a big ask with an excitable dog in the back, so Wonderful Husband planned a lovely road trip where we stop off at a beautiful hotel on the way (he even made vegan cookies and energy balls for the journey!). The hotel was lovely but there was one problem: the neighbouring building was a bull ring. I was hoping it was abandoned but on further inspection, I found that it had been used as recent as September 2016. This was upsetting, but it’s also a great reminder that we must continue our fight against bull sports, starting in Dénia (petition here!).

20161006_000754_001On the plus side, the hotel were more than happy to cook me a vegan meal for dinner.

At midnight, Wonderful Husband woke me up singing happy birthday and surprised me with a delicious vegan birthday cake. We left early the next morning and stopped off in Marbella to have lunch in the Fresh Food Cafe. It had lots of vegetarian options which meant that I had a great chance of finding something vegan. Both Wonderful Husband and I ordered bean burger with fries, but unfortunately they came with cheese and mayo. This wasn’t indicated on the menu but I learnt a valuable lesson to ask next time I go to a restaurant. We didn’t want to waste the food, so we ate and headed off on our journey to Cadiz.

20161006_200112We reached our glamping destination in the late afternoon. It was stunning! For dinner, Wonderful Husband had surprised me by organising a bottle of wine and vegan paella to be brought to our cabin. It was yummy!

During our time in Cadiz, we travelled to the nearby towns and sampled lovely vegan Tapas dishes. My favourite was artichokes in a dried fruit viniagrette – I wish I could go back for more!

There were four horses, two donkeys, one sheep, one cat, four dogs and numerous species of wildlife on the estate. One of my favourite things to do was to go to the stables and visit the donkeys, they were always keen for a cuddle. For a long time I have dreamt about building a sanctuary for rescued farm animals 20161008_174130… However, I realise now that running an animal sanctuary won’t be as easy as I thought and requires more than just love. I definitely need experience before I throw myself into the deep end. Plus, convincing Wonderful Husband to get a dog was hard enough, let alone farm animals… Work in progress. 

These trips have been my first as a strict vegan. I would have found travelling a lot harder if I were with anyone but Wonderful Husband. He always insists we find a vegan meal for me. I would find it a lot harder to be vegan if it were not for him 💛