Valentines Day is tomorrow! What a great excuse to talk about Wonderful Husband.
Social media forums are filled with posts about vegans unable to sustain healthy relationships with non-vegans. However, I have had a very different experience because without the support of Wonderful Husband, I would never have been able to make the transition.
To give you a bit of background on Wonderful Husband’s diet: Wonderful Husband was born in India but at a young age moved to New Zealand and grew up there. His diet consisted of yummy home-made curries and a frequent dose of KFC (a ritual after any sort of sporting activity). In his mid-twenties he moved to San Francisco. There his daily routine consisted of roasted chicken alongside a Wholefoods salad with a glass of almond milk (much healthier than KFC!). After we met and fell in love (Valentine’s Day post so love has to be featured somewhere) Wonderful Husband proposed. When he did this, I was a vegetarian and there was no talk of veganism so I don’t know if he (or I) realised what was to come…
During my transition to veganism, I would watch lots of videos and read lots of books. One of the first books I bought was Why We Love Dogs, Eat Pigs, and Wear Cows: An Introduction to Carnism by Melanie Joy but before I could get round to reading it, Wonderful Husband had finished it. He wasn’t incredibly fulfilled by the book and so he bought another, more extensive, book which would give him more information: Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer. Every night, Wonderful Husband would tell me a bit more about what happens to the animals in factory farms. At this point in time, he knew more than me.
It wasn’t long after reading Eating Animals that I made a full transition to veganism, which leads me to the question: Why isn’t Wonderful Husband vegan yet? I assumed that the books/videos etc. that helped me become vegan would help everyone else become vegan. However, that’s not how it works.
Wonderful Husband isn’t vegan because he likes the taste of meat… That reason is good enough for me. He’ll transition in his own time, if ever. Until then he has been the biggest supporter of my lifestyle to date. He will regularly find new vegan recipes for us to try, he’ll hold my hand and comfort me when I insist on watching a new animal-cruelty video, he will come to protests with me and sit out of sight to make sure I’m ok and aside from the odd can of tuna we have a 100% vegan household.
So in response to the keyboard warriors who claim that a vegan and a non-vegan cannot be happy together, you clearly haven’t found the right non-vegan. If someone isn’t supportive of your lifestyle choices, that isn’t anything to do with whether they eat meat or not. So I look forward to spending tomorrow with my Wonderful, non-vegan, Husband. 
Happy Valentines Day everyone and thanks for reading 💛