The vegan myth: Vegans don’t eat anything (except rice and broccoli, of course).

On World Vegan Day 2016 I received a message from Mega Friend Jayyyyyviss (that’s how I say his name). After making the huge commitment to be vegetarian for the day, he was getting anxious about what to eat. His message went something like this…


To give you a bit of background, Jayyyyviss is a meat-lover. He grew up with meat, he likes meat, he wants to eat meat. So why would he know what to eat for World Vegan Day as he hasn’t had to think about it before? It did make me laugh though and I have teased him since, whenever the oppotunity arises. 

Rice and broccoli is the blandest meal that I could possibly imagine. What was Jayyyyviss trying to say about vegan food? In case you were wondering, he had vegetarian pizza for dinner.

From November, this encounter played on my mind. This could be the reason why some people don’t want to give up meat, because they simply can’t think of what they could eat if they didn’t eat meat. Vegetarianism may not appeal to someone if there isn’t variety and choice. Fortunately, there is!

Since that day several people have asked me about vegetarian and vegan alternatives. My Mega Mother-in-law suggested I make a recipe page as it could be super helpful to people that want ideas for meals. So I did it! Click here if you’d like to take a look or find it via the menu bar. Instead of adding every recipe that I come across online, I have only listed the ones that Wonderful Husband and I have enjoyed making (some recipes didn’t make the cut). I hope the page helps anyone looking for healthy, vegan or healthy vegan options 😀

Side note: Here are photos of some yummy vegan food I had whilst in New Zealand, all cooked by my Mega Mother-in-law. See… Vegans eat more than just rice and broccoli.