I’m a big fan of the TV show Judge Judy… Maybe that’s not relevant nor should I be admitting it but I had to start this blog post some how. Judge Judy is incredibly blunt and speaks only as a matter of fact. 

Wonderful Husband complains that I can be incredibly blunt, it comes from Lovely Mum’s side of the family. However, when it comes to the topic of animals, a weird compassion for the listener takes over me. Unless someone asks me a question about animals or veganism, I tend to avoid telling a meat-eater anything that could upset them. This is also the case for when I write my blog articles. Although I think this is a strength in some ways, I fear the blog may suffer as a result also… And so for that reason, today, let’s pretend to be Judge Judy. 

Judge Judy informs us that there are an enormous amount of affordable alternatives to meat supplied by every local supermaket chain in the UK at this present time, most supermarkets even having their own free-from range. So when you’re strolling through the aisle, wondering what you’ll eat tomorrow night, let’s give the following some thought: 


Judge Judy explains that it’s all down to the decision you make. She asks ‘are your tastebuds really worth the life of an animal?’ Some people may argue that they only eat meat which has been humanely slaughtered… But Judge Judy’s question to those people is, what is humane slaughter? In which way would you like your child to be humanely slaughtered?

This all may sound incredibly harsh but Judge Judy is harsh. The lives of farm animals are in your hands. Reading such a black and white description about the consequences of your food choices may make you feel uncomfortable, but Judge Judy asks you to read on. 

Judge Judy wants us to look at the life of a farm animal from the perspective of a farm animal.

You have been taken from your mother and father.
Only by luck, you have survived disease and cramped conditions.
You are sent to a slaughter house, although you have not yet lived one quarter of your life.
You’re in a queue to your death. You see others dying in front of you. You try to get away.
Your death is probably not quick or painless, as many of us like to believe. 

This farm animal is feeling far worse than how you are feeling right now, even after reading this post. Apologies for upsetting anyone. I blame Judge Judy 💚