Spreading a vegan message is incredibly important and taken very seriously by the majority of vegans. 

I want to communicate using empathy and compassion.  

Example: Your child leaves their clothes on the floor. You yell at your child for them to pick up the clothes. From then on, your child picks up their clothes. Success. 

Has yelling worked? Yes.
Why has yelling worked? Because your child subconsciously associates leaving their clothes on the floor with feelings of guilt, anger, resentment etc. 

That’s not the way I wish to communicate. I want people to transition to veganism out of love for animals and themselves.

I am what is known as an ‘apologetic vegan’. I think that the best way to spread a vegan message is by providing logical arguments, encouraging small steps, empathising and by avoiding guilt-trips. Other, more confrontational vegans, may take umbrage with this approach and prefer their more aggressive style. 

However this blog is totally for the non-vegans. My message to you is very simple: Listen to what works for you.

If it’s hard-hitting messages that light a fire in your belly to help animals then that’s mega, however I’ve heard many people say that vegans are far too aggressive and they won’t ever become vegan for that very reason (not a good argument but an argument nonetheless). If aggression isn’t your cup of tea then please don’t let it deter you from saving animals. 

Instead of listening to their aggression, be inspired by their desperation.

We’re all desperate for the animals, we just show it in different ways.

I’m always here for anyone who would like any super-friendly help in reducing their animal product intake, please never hesitate to contact me. However if you’re looking for something more shocking then I would highly recommend checking out the very powerful and passionate blog: Dig Out Your Soul (Warning: Some images may upset). Lastly, if you’re looking for something a bit more in between the two blogs then let me know and I’ll be more than happy to look around for something that best fits you and your journey.

Thanks for reading  💚