Wonderful Husband is all about critical thinking, logic and rationality. So you’d think that the new documentary, What The Health (WTH), based entirely on scientific evidence would interest him. Nope, he still hasn’t watched it.

I don’t want to reveal too much about the film (I can’t do it justice!) but the clue is in the name… It’s all about health. And food. The film begins with a quote 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”
– Hippocrates

WTH talks about foods which are bad for our health and more importantly, it talks about why we eat food that is bad for our health: Advertisements and propaganda. Lies. 

WTH goes on to point out the strong monetary links between some charities and pharmacutical companies with the meat and dairy industries. For example, one of the biggest causes of cancer is processed meat, yet the American Cancer Society (ACS) still encourages eating processed turkey and canned meats to sustain a healthy diet. This would seem strange but then we find out that Tyson (the world’s largest processor of meat) had made donations to ACS in previous years. 

*Drops mic and walks off stage*

Soon after watching WTH, I posted in a Facebook vegan transitioning group, offering help to those that were transitioning. Lovely Brandy reached out to me. She said that after watching WTH, she had decided to go vegan. 

Whilst talking about veganism with Brandy I got to learn about her. I found out that she and her brother suffered with diabetes and both her mum and dad had died from diabetic-related illnesses. She assumed she would have the same fate until WTH showed her that diet could be the problem.

The biggest shock was that up until five days before we spoke, Brandy had reared animals for the purpose of meat and eggs. WTH had made such a profound impression on Brandy that she decided she would no longer use animals for her own gain but instead use the land to grow fruit and vegetables. 

This documentary is special. 

We live in a world where we have a habit of getting sick, going to the doctor and then paying(!) for medicine which will either cure or maintain our ailment. This is the case from one extreme like the common cold all the way to the other extreme like diabetes or cancer. Sometimes getting sick is inevitable but why don’t we try harder to prevent sickness?

An apple a day keeps the doctor away… So why do very few people eat an apple a day?

As in Brandy’s case, this documentary can be life-changing. So do me a favour please, watch WTH and tell Wonderful Husband how good it is. If that doesn’t convince him then I don’t know what will. 

You can find WTH on Netflix or via their website. Happy watching! 💚

Wonderful Husband and Best Friend Sam watched it with me today (23/07/17). They both found it very interesting and I’ll be updating you further if there are any ‘results’. Thank you to everyone for their support and comments for helping me achieve this goal!! 🙂 



Zoe, can I talk to you frankly about the situation Cliff is in. I want to support him, I think he knows that, I know you do to, but what are your thoughts about the situation?
i think that question is super broad sorry
i don’t know how to answer
what are your concerns?
he seems to have a pretty good handle on the situation 🙂
Ann Segrott
I’m so pleased you feel that way
we talk nearly every day and discuss how he’s feeling etc. he goes through good days and bad days… but his bad days have been good in comparison to his old bad days 🙂 he’s very much in control of himself at the moment xx
Ann Segrott
In a way I just wish he and Cindy would patch it up, but Cindy has shown herself to be blinkered in what she is expecting of him.
yea she is just in a bubble at the moment…nothing dad can do 😞
Ann Segrott
This happens with grief, it can go on until the real world comes back bit by bit. It’s so incredibly hard and I am cross with her attitude but I feel it could pass in time and they could both regret this
i absolutely agree. ive said the same thing to dad. he feels differently though and he has to live there… so nothing we can do
promise he is doing well though
Ann Segrott
Thanks for that. He tells me that. He’s so far away. Nip and I offered him the dining room until he sorts himself out, I’m not sure if he missed that or ignored it, or wether it’s a totally bad idea. We are together on this, all we can do is be there.xxx
yep absolutely. he’s coming over here in september so looking forward to spending time with him then xx
Ann Segrott
I’m sure he’s looking forward to that. xx Thanks for chatting Zo.xx
no problem xx
Ann Segrott

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