“Until we extend our circle of compassion to all living things, humanity will not find peace.” – Albert Schweitzer.

I was told a story that inspired this post…

A lady wanted a particular type of dog so she went to the ‘best’ breeder she could find in Spain, and purchased a dog, even before he was born. She paid thousands for the dog and once he had been taken from his mother, she paid hundreds for his transport to her home. After some weeks he began to behave strangely and so the owner took him to the vet. It turned out that he had a genetic disease that would continually worsen until his death unless he had a very expensive operation. So he had the very expensive operation and lived happily ever after.

Of course not.

The woman complained to the breeder but of course the breeder denied this gene defect (as any sort of admission would affect their very lucrative business) and so the owner sent the dog back. Like a defected item. 

The owner didn’t want him. 
The breeder didn’t want him.
He was killed… Well, he was going to die anyway, right?

Animals did not survive peacefully on this Earth for millions of years to become our products.

Products to entertain us.
Products to feed us.
Products to clothe us.

To use our intelligence and strength to take advantage of innocent beings does not make us clever nor strong. But we’ve been brought up to believe that it’s normal. Animal cruelty is not normal. Please be one less person treating animals as products. 

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