The recent release of the very popular and eye-opening documentary What The Health has led to a lot of my friends and family thinking about going vegan. However their approaches have been very different, leading to varying results. 

Take two examples:
Mega Friend Michael and Super Friend Sam.
Both were meat eaters and had no interest in becoming vegan. 

Mega Friend Michael watched the documentary and sent me a message afterwards saying ‘Lisa and I are both trying to be vegan for a week, see how we feel and whether it’s sustainable lol’. This was great news! The only problem was that Michael was working away from home that month, so not only was he away from his home comforts but he had a super busy schedule. Wonderful Husband and I suggested he should wait until he was living back at home and had his wife to support him but he insisted on going 100% vegan then and there. 

Super Friend Sam was staying with us for a long weekend when she watched the film. Her first words after watching were ‘I’m going to think about going vegan’. Sam explained that her family had suffered from a number of illnesses associated with diet, so that weekend we spent hours talking about different recipes she could try. She decided she would start by being vegan at home but not restrict herself when eating out. 

Results: Mega Friend Michael lasted five days. Super Friend Sam eats vegetarian at home. 

I loved Mega Friend Michael’s commitment but he would refuse to make small concessions making his situation almost impossible. Most of the time he ate salad and crisps so inevitably he eventually gave in. Unfortunately he now associates veganism with feeling unwell, hungry and irritable.

Super Friend Sam found it easier to be vegetarian at home but vegan when possible. Having a severe nut allergy makes veganism a lot harder for her but she is actively looking for more recipes to make veganism more convenient. Sam is still moving towards veganism and feeling better for it. 

Have good intentions.

One small vegan step for you is a giant life-saving leap for the animals (check out the cool cover photo by Maike Vierkant!). For example, it’s very easy to swap cow’s milk for oat milk. You may think one person making such a small, simple change won’t make a difference but your friends and family will notice. You’ll casually explain that you decided to drink oat milk to be healthier and help animals. People might not say anything then and there but I can guarantee that you would have planted a seed and spread a beautiful vegan message. 

Here’s an idea: Try to replace/exclude one non-vegan product a month from your diet. It’ll start out easy… You’ll spend the first couple of months eliminating the stuff you’re not too keen on. Then contrary to what you think now, it’ll get easier in the months ahead. Your willpower will become stronger, you’ll find the idea of replacing/removing foods easier and you’ll learn more recipes. 

What non-vegan product could you give up or replace on 1st September 2017? 💚