Wonderful Husband, Bestest Daddy and I sat in the terrace of a paella restaurant. We’d had such a nice morning together and Bestest Daddy had been looking forward to having seafood paella so I couldn’t understand why he looked so uncomfortable now his food had been served. 

Bestest Daddy had recently transitioned to pescatarianism (someone who doesn’t eat meat but eats fish, dairy and eggs). The transition was super easy for him and he didn’t miss meat. He’d mentioned giving up fish but it was still his comfortable ‘go to’ when he got hungry.

Laying on top of his paella were four prawns, heads and all. Bestest Daddy had no trouble eating prawns months before but now there was something dark about tearing off the heads of an animal to eat their insides. 

The situation reminded me of a video (no bad images) I watched a while back. The video was based in a supermarket at a fake meat counter. The unsuspecting customers seem keen to try the sausages on offer until they see the butcher put a live piglet into the (fake!) meat-grinder. Each time the trick takes places, the customer recoils in horror and no longer wants the sausages. The idea that their purchase would mean an innocent animal would die is unthinkable (or at least that’s what I think they were thinking). 

All meat had a face and if it doesn’t when you buy it, that just means it has been hacked off beforehand. 

Supermarkets make it very easy for the consumer to disconnect from any guilt and buy ‘meat’ instead of ‘dead animal’. However, there is no escaping the fact that our food choices decide whether innocent animals die or not. Your food had a name, your food had a personality and your food had a family… Until you decided to eat it. 

Bestest Daddy is now looking into recipes he can make without fish. I’ll ask of you the same thing. At the very least, even when you’re not 100% comfortable in making the next step, simply think about the foods that you could eat without animals having to suffer.

Most people don’t want to hurt animals but don’t know how to stop eating them. My advice to them: Take it slow. After that… I can show you 💚