“Consuming dairy saves the lives of cows.”

This was one of the most recent excuses I was given, in order to justify the consumption of dairy. To go into more detail, they said “we are helping cows because if they weren’t milked they would be uncomfortable and eventually explode.”

Sometimes I have no words. 

Given the exploding scenario, I get the impression that some may be of the belief that a cow produces a constant stream of milk and we are, in fact, taking the surplus milk from the cow. This is, in fact, not the case. A cow produces milk to feed her newborn (just like a human) and a cow cannot create milk without being pregnant (just like a human). 

Let’s work backwards:


How about we just stop impregnating cows in order to steal their milk?

Wow! I think I just solved the exploding cow problem. 

We need cow milk as much as we need dog milk, rat milk or elephant milk and if you’re worried about your calcium intake, then worry not, as chickpeas, white beans, soybeans, almonds, broccoli, cabbage, tofu, figs and (even!) orange juice contain a lot of calcium (and none of the hormones, antibiotics and pus found in cow’s milk). 

If you have any questions about veganism, giving up dairy or how you can help animals then please post them below or feel free to message me here. I want to help animals and I want to help you (if you want to be helped). 🙂 

Thanks for reading 💚