Let’s get straight to the hypothetical scenario. 

Person X holds a knife to your dog’s throat. Person X then says,

You have two choices:
-Pay me £1000 and I’ll torture your dog really bad before I kill it.
-Pay me £2000 and I’ll torture your dog a little less before I kill it.

I don’t enjoy thinking of these scenarios so I apologise for asking you to put yourself in this position, but I want to know, what would you do?

Now, changing the subject slightly… 

I asked Wonderful Husband what came to mind when he thought of ‘organic’, he replied ‘healthy, clean and expensive‘. On top of that, a lot of people tell me that they buy organic meat in hope that the animals had a better life before they were slaughtered. So to summarise, organic: healthy, clean, expensive and better conditions for animals.

Advertising is a powerful tool.

The organic industry (along with free-range, etc.) have portrayed themselves as a saint-like force fighting the good fight against the ‘factory farming’ industry. Well done organic farming!… However I see it in a different way:

If you don’t pay more money for our products we are going to keep farm animals in hellish conditions before we kill them. 

Is that a threat? 

A multi-billion dollar industry demands us to pay more money otherwise they’ll torture animals (even more) and then they’ll pay people to convince us that we should be grateful for how they treat those animals. Is anyone else feeling slightly uncomfortable about this?

Don’t let the farming industry use your compassion as a means to bribe you into paying more money for your food. Follow your compassion and go vegan instead. Veganism saves the lives of animals, it’s incredibly healthy and it helps save the environment. Organic is not the compassionate way forward, veganism is. If you have any questions about veganism then please get in touch here

Thanks for reading 💚