Let’s take advantage of the romantic season by sending a little love to the ones that need it the most… Chickens.Β 

Did you know that chickens probably suffer the most of all the farm animals? This is because

  1. More chickens are killed than any other species of farm animal. Not only this, but people (with very good intentions) that cut down on their consumption of red meat normally replace it with chicken, meaning even more chickens die.
  2. There is NO LAWΒ which states how chickens should be slaughtered. This means that factory farms use the most cost-effective method possible, which is normally: hung upside down on a conveyer belt, dunked in electrified water and dragged across a blade, slicing their throat open to commence a slow death.Β That’ll do the trick.Β 
  3. Over years, chickens have been designed and bred to lay more and more eggs, putting incredible strain on their bodies. After approximately two years, when there is a reduction in their lay rate, they are slaughtered for meat (remember: no law!). Well, they’re slaughtered unless the farmer is extra nasty and decides to prolong their suffering by doing something called forced molting… I won’t go into the details here.Β 

In light of this information, I’m sending love to all of the factory-farmed chickens.Β 

I’m sending love to all of the factory-farmed male chicks that are, right now, being crushed alive because they offer no use to the factory farming industry.Β 

I’m sending love to all of the factory-farmed chickens that are, right now, getting their beak burnt off.Β 

I’m sending love to all of the factory-farmed chickens that are, right now, living in cages, covered in faeces and soon to be slaughtered.Β 

I’m sending love to all of the factory-farmed chickens that are, right now, being hung upside down on the conveyer belt, moving slowly towards the blade that will slice their throat open.Β 

How can you send love to chickens too? Stop eating them.

Save these beautiful, intelligent, social, emotional, innocent animals by choosing not to eat chicken or egg. And if you’re worried about all the cakes and desserts that you won’t get to make if you quit eating eggs, then check out this mega list of egg replacements.

A final, personal, note about Wonderful Husband… He has recently completed Veganuary (vegan for January) and he’s now about to go vegan for Lent. I can’t begin to tell you guys what this means to me. He doesn’t share the same feelings as I do for animals yet he has made a huge effort to empathise and go vegan (it helps that he is in the greatest shape of his life!). I am so, so grateful for his efforts and on that note: If anyone knows of any holidays coming up that I could suggest he go vegan for, then comment below πŸ˜‰Β 

Mega thanks to StevenΒ Stankiewicz for letting me use his mega design as my cover photo. You can find more of his non-chicken art here.

As always, thanks for reading and happy Valentine’s dayΒ πŸ’š