I really like to eat babies.

Human babies. 

You know, those babies that are a few months old. If you cook them just right the meat falls off the bone. People tell me I shouldn’t eat babies because it’s cruel but I don’t care because what I eat is my personal choice.

I get told, a lot, that what someone eats is their personal choice. However, I struggle to understand how a choice could be personal when it involves someone else, someone else that had to endure suffering and death, someone else that would probably run away from a slaughter house if they had their personal choice.

Here comes the creative part.

Imagine asking a pig what their personal choice would be in a factory farming scenario. This is how I imagine it would go:

Me: Would you like to be castrated without painkillers?
Pig: No, I don’t think I would enjoy that.
Me: OK, well would you mind if your mum lived in a crate?
Pig: No, I probably wouldn’t be happy with that either.
Me: Fair enough, but how do you feel about dying so humans can eat you?
Pig: Nope, I’m not keen on the idea. 

If you imagine the pig giving a different response to these questions then please do let me know in the comments below.

  • An example of a personal choice would be what colour you want to paint your bedroom, this choice has no effect on anyone else.
  • An example of a choice that is not personal would be whether you want to eat your friend. Yes this may sound ridiculous, but hopefully I’m making it very clear that eating someone is not a personal choice because it impacts someone other than yourself. Hence, eating animal products is not your personal choice

This post isn’t asking you to use plant-based milk, eat less meat or to stop wearing leather. Instead I’m trying to provide reasoning in the hope that you’ll acknowledge (if you don’t already) that farm animals are living beings, with no choices because they have been taken away every time we eat animal products.

Make it your personal choice to choose compassion, and if you need any help with that, I’m here for you 💚