When you read these four words, which animal do you think of?

Personally, I immediately think of my dog, but did you know that these four words can be equally ascribed to tons of other species on our planet, and not least, the farm animals. 

To distance ourselves from the harsh reality that is factory farming, we believe that farm animals are born without intelligence, without emotion, without a need for social interactions but this is as far from the truth as could possibly be. 

We domesticated dogs thousands of years ago and as a consequence of how we perceive dogs in the Western world, we don’t eat them. In some countries it is even illegal to eat dogs, however these are the same countries in which it is legal (and encouraged) to eat farm animals. Farm animals that share the same personality attributes as a dog. 

Have you ever thought about what would happen if you interacted with a farm animal? Well it’s your lucky day, because without even leaving your seat, you can find out by watching the, very short and sweet, videos below. Be assured I have watched all of the videos and there are no bad images 🙂







All the qualities that we value in a dog are the same qualities that we would value in farm animals if we were to interact with them. 

If, in any way, this article has made you think about farm animals slightly differently to what you had done, then please do get in touch. I’m not asking people to go and rescue cows (they’ll take up a lot of living space!) or buy a pig instead of a dog (#AdoptDontShop) BUT what we can do is give these animals the same respect and protection that we give our dogs. We don’t eat them 💚