Imagine you’re in a room which is empty other than a puppy in the corner and a button next to you. You cannot get near the puppy. The button looks super inviting and you begin to want to push the button. You push the button… But you quickly find out that every time you push the button, the puppy gets hurt. You really like the feeling of when you push the button, it’s something you don’t think you could live without, but you don’t like that the puppy gets hurt. So, do you keep pushing the button?

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Vegans decided against pushing the button after they found out the puppy gets hurt. We may enjoy the feel of the button but the feeling of hurting the puppy trumps any other fantastic feeling that the button could give us. We learnt to live without pushing the button.

What would happen if you stopped pushing the button?

The puppy would no longer get hurt. With time your cravings for the button would subside, you’d learn about other amazing buttons that would provide you with limitless options to press that don’t involve hurting puppies and you’d be left with a sense of invaluable peace knowing that you are no longer contributing to the puppy’s pain.

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If you’d like any help in not pushing this particular button then please get in touch. You can find ideas for cruelty-free buttons on my Instagram and Button-Idea page.

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