I received some interesting feedback on my last article Would You Push the Button?

Ahh, Very clever. A good analogy to a point, but I don’t eat puppies. Cows are cute. I don’t eat much red meat. It is so bad for you. I’m just not feeling too sad for a chicken or a fish. They are pretty stupid. I do respect your choices for sure. Kudos for the discipline.’

How does this comment make you feel?

Personally, the comment made me feel really uncomfortable and after speaking with my non-vegan family and friends, it turned out that it’s wasn’t just my animal-loving bias that made me feel this way, it actually made a lot of other people feel uncomfortable too. One sentence in particular: 

I’m just not feeling too sad for a chicken or a fish. They are pretty stupid.

It may come as a surprise (more so for fish) but both animals are intelligent. Not as intelligent as a human, but neither is a dog and (surprise!) we don’t eat dogs (in the Western world, at least).

I’m pretty sure that the majority of the human species are a compassionate bunch. Let’s demonstrate this with an example: when you encounter someone that is considerably less intelligent than you, do you take advantage of them because you can? No, of course you don’t, because you’re not a psychopath. 

But it goes a little deeper than that…

If you justify the slaughter of animals and eating their flesh by saying that the animals are less intelligent than us (humans of average intelligence), you are also claiming that it is justified to eat a person with a severe mental disability making them less intelligent than that of a farm animal, for example. I’m guessing you don’t think that is ok and therefore you cannot use ‘lower intelligence’ as an ethical justification for eating animals.

Phew, glad we got that sorted! 

If you would like information regarding the intelligence of the animals mentioned above, then check out the links: fish and chicken. Also, always feel free to contact me if you have any questions about transitioning to a vegan diet or you’d simply like some support. 

I’d rather be a compassionate, empathetic person that looks after the less intelligent instead of taking advantage of them (and eating them). Let me know if you feel the same way 💚