Over just one year the vegan population has risen from 1% to 7% in the UK alone. This sudden increase is because of the information available to us regarding the destruction caused by the farming industry, highlighting three, very good, reasons to go vegan:

1. For the animals

The injustice done against innocent animals was my sole reason for going vegan. Once I educated myself about farming practices, I knew I was finished with animal products for good. For anyone that would like to know more, gather all your strength and attempt to watch the compelling documentary, Earthlings. Warning: The trailer was too graphic for me. Good luck!

2. For your health

Who knew it, fruit and veg are healthy?! In recent years, more people are moving towards veganism because it’s been proven time and time again that it’s an incredibly healthy lifestyle (unless you’re a junk food vegan!). For more information, check out the mega documentary What The Health and if you think that’s too biased for you, then ask my fellow non-vegan blogger It’s A Fair Meal – he knows his stuff!

3. For the planet

Industrial farming is one of the most destructive industries on the planet, being the leading cause of deforestation and also the reason for many ocean dead zones. I know it may seem obvious to some, but I’ll say it anyway… If marine life ceases to exist or the rainforests are depleted, we, the human race, are doomed. As a consequence, people are taking a stand against industrial farming by going vegan, one of the most ethical ways to live in this day and age.


So those are the three main reasons for going vegan. But for some people, they are just not enough. Some people, like Wonderful Husband.

  • For the animals: He doesn’t feel compassion for animals in general.
  • For your health: He eats a plant-based diet 95% of the time so he’s in pretty amazing shape, so why should he go 100%?
  • For the planet: Yea he cares about the planet, but he hasn’t gone vegan…

However, he does feel incredible compassion for humans.

Growing up in middle-class India, Wonderful Husband saw extreme poverty and hunger on a day-to-day basis and therefore has always felt a need to help the less fortunate around him. In looking for a way for Wonderful Husband to connect with veganism, I’ve learnt about a genuine fourth reason for people to go vegan.

4. For the people

The planet produces enough food to feed every single person, however 815 million people still go to bed hungry every night. One of the main reasons that people are starving is because an enormous amount of the available food we produce is used to fatten up farm animals before they are killed.

Feeding grain to farm animals would be a great use of food resources if animal meat produced more calories than the grain fed to the animals itself, however it doesn’t. In one paper, they state

Screen Shot 2018-04-23 at 08.07.33

That’s quite a loss!

Given that 75% of all agricultural land on the planet is used for animal production, this is an incredibly inefficient use of resources and people are suffering as a consequence. 

I write a lot of articles in which people comment that humans are more important than animals… Well, here’s the reason you should now go vegan if you think humans are more important than animals, unless those humans aren’t as important as your craving for meat, of course 💚