The time has come again (21st-30th June 2018) when approximately 10,000 dogs will be slaughtered for mass consumption over a ten day period. 

Wow, that’s a lot of dogs.

Well, not if you compare it to the number of farm animals slaughtered for food. It is estimated that over 70 billion farm animals are killed every year (not including the trillions of fish that die for food). Simple maths then tells us that over the same ten day period, during the Yulin festival, approximately 1.9 billion farm animals are murdered.

Now 10,000 isn’t sounding so bad…  

Quite rightly so, there is widespread condemnation of this festival. However I don’t see many protests screaming out for the end of  Thanksgiving or Christmas. You know, those ‘Turkey Meat Festivals’ where over 10 million turkeys die for one family dinner a year. 

Oh but killing dogs is different, right?

I’ve heard all sorts of reasons for banning the Yulin Dog Meat Festival whilst justifying the consumption of other animals products:

  • You can’t kill dogs, dogs are pets.
    – “Pet” is a futile label. So is “farm animal”. All animals are living beings worthy of life.
  • Dogs are smarter than farm animals. 
    – Absolutely not true, pigs are known to be smarter than dogs.
  • The dogs are kept in cruel conditions and killed brutally.
    – Everything happening to a dog at this festival has been done to a farm animal. I invite you to watch Earthlings. Be warned, it’s brutal. 

If you’re interested in more dog-meat-hypocrisy then check out Earthling Ed‘s video here.

Another objection to the festival is that the dogs are killed in front of baying crowds as though it were a show. Don’t worry though, China will one day figure out that if they murder the dogs behind closed doors, just like farm animals, then less people will have a problem with it and those pesky protests will subside.


Let’s make this clear though, The Yulin Dog Meat Festival is disgusting, animal cruelty at it’s worst and will hopefully one day be banned (and I feel exactly the same way about people eating cows, turkeys, pigs etc.). If you’d like to help the banning of Yulin speed up, then PETA offer some worthy suggestions here

If you’re beginning to see the huge contradiction in the public outcry against the dog meat trade but then going home to a chicken dinner, then you’re one step closer to becoming vegan. If you’d like to take the next step, then feel free to get in touch. I have a ton of resources that you might want to look at 🙂 

Lastly, thanks to mega Vegan Sidekick for allowing me to illustrate the fundamental points of this article using his artwork 💚