Day 1

I’m awake.

There are quite a lot of us and we are huddled together. We look the same except for the others. They look big and scary. I’ve never seen these things before, they are definitely not human. We are being separated into males and females and my brother has been taken away. 

Day 2

Yesterday I could hear commotion from a nearby room. I heard people being rounded up into groups, there was a lot of shouting and then all of a sudden there were screams of terror and cries of pain. I overheard one of the females saying that the ‘Big Species’ (that’s what we had started calling them) didn’t like males. Why wouldn’t they like males? I’m worried for my brother. 

Day 3

Today we were being moved. The Big Species would come in and take us out one by one. Everyone would try to get away but no amount of screaming or struggling would work. They were too strong. Then it was my turn. 

They pulled out my teeth. They ripped out my nails. They said it was for my own good.

Then we were locked in a room. I’m being held hostage by monsters. 

Day 4

The Big Species haven’t allowed us to leave the room yet. It’s quite a big room but there are a lot of us in here so it’s starting to smell. There is no where to go to the toilet so people are going where they are sitting, involuntarily because of the fear. Everyone is so scared. 

We have a lot of food.

Day 6

I don’t think they are ever going to let us leave.

There has been no sign of my brother. 

Day 7

Today I could hear screaming from outside, from another area of the prison. They said she was having a baby. She was screaming because she was having a baby? No, she was screaming because they were dragging her baby away. Human breast milk was a commodity and they wanted it for themselves. 

What kind of hell-hole is this place?

Day 21

I’m constantly on edge. Hearing screams and cries every so often. I can’t stop shaking. I keep pacing the room, but I’m constantly bumping into someone, there is no space in here! I’m starting to lose my hair. I can’t see outside, I don’t know whether it’s day or night because they keep leaving the lights on.

They are not letting me sleep. I NEED TO SLEEP!

Day 28

What do they want with us? The biggest females were taken away today. I don’t know if they are coming back. 

Day 32

People keep dying. I counted at least 5 have died today. What can we expect? WE ARE LIVING IN OUR OWN WASTE! You just find them, lying there, motionless, where they once had been sitting. 

Some of the women are having break downs and lashing out at each other.

I know every inch of this room, there is no way out unless the Big Species leave the door open. I keep trying to escape. I’ve tried running out as they enter the room but they are always ready for me. 

I’m going to die here. 

Day 35

I don’t know what to do. I can’t breathe properly and I’m struggling to walk. Is this how I’m going to die? I’ve lived my whole life in a room – who does this to someone!? What could they possibly want from me?

Day 42

They’ve started loading us up into a truck. It’s almost my turn. I knew my perseverance would pay off, I’m finally getting out of this place! Anywhere is going to be better than this room. I overheard the Big Species chatting, they mentioned some sort of house. I think they said ‘slaw ta house’. I’ve not heard of that place before. 


Would you be fine with swapping lives with a chicken farmed for their meat? If not, then we cannot abide by and fund a business that treats lives in a way that we would not wish to be treated.

Say no. Go vegan 💚