For the last three years (check out blog posts for 2016 and 2017) I have used World Vegan Day (1st Nov 2018) as a way to open up conversation about veganism with the non-vegans around me. This year, just like the previous two, I challenged my non-vegan family and friends to swap animal products for vegan food. 

80 people took on the challenge. 

World Vegan Day this year was a huge success, we had the most people we’ve ever had take part in the day and therefore a lot of awareness was spread all over the place. However, there were too big differences that I noticed about this year’s World Vegan Day compared to the last two years (one kinda negative and one very positive)…

Kinda negative: A number of my friends and family had committed to taking part in World Vegan Day but didn’t take part because it didn’t fit in with their busy schedules. Eating vegan is not only about helping animals and caring for the environment but it’s also about looking after yourself, so if veganism is inconvenient (which it isn’t, once you know about all the glorious food you can eat) then it’s totally worth the inconvenience (until you learn that it is convenient, then it’s just convenient). 

Very positive: A huge proportion of my family and friends have gone mostly vegan if not vegan since last year. There were a shocking amount of people that, when I asked if they were going to take part in World Vegan Day, responded ‘I’m vegan most days anyway so sure, this won’t be very different’. 

The world is changing, slowly but surely. 

Now for my favourite part, my personal highlights of the year. The little things that people did or said that totally plucked away at my heart strings: 

  • Wonderful Friend Steve (Husband of Mega Friend Zoë) is going to do a vegan day on the first of every month. He normally eats vegan with Zoë but this will be his choice to purposefully eat vegan – mega!
  • Both Mega Friend Harjit and Super-Smart Oliver turned down tempting FREE non-vegan delights to remain vegan for the day, thank you!
  • Lovely Friend Regina has decided to be vegan for the rest of November… A whole month vegan!
  • Mega Friend Mark and Lovely Friend Mairéad are aiming to do a vegan day a week. How lovely are these two!? 
  • Super Friend Danny has said that he is open to trying new vegan options and if he likes them, then he’ll start buying the vegan version instead of the non-vegan version. Massive thanks to Danny for being so open-minded.
  • Ace Friend Adrian is aiming to go 96% vegan (although he came to this conclusion the day before World Vegan Day – totally claiming it still). 
  • Lovely Auntie Lynne was disappointed when she found out that her Quorn ham slices weren’t vegan and so decided not to have them… True commitment to World Vegan Day!
  • As well as going vegan for the day, Wonderful Couple Vera and Andrew adopted Irwin2Irwin (the doggo) on World Vegan Day. He had been in the shelter for three years and now he has a warm, loving home for the rest of his life. Can’t get more vegan than that 🙂 


Below are some of the food photos that people sent over to document their day of vegan-ness (note: some of the food was sooo tasty that I was sent half-eaten food photos, haha!). 

Super thanks to everyone that made an effort on World Vegan Day! You saved a lot of animals 💚