“If everyone went vegan then farm animals would become extinct.”

This is an argument regularly used against veganism. The logic that we are keeping a species from extinction by breeding them to eventually kill them is ironic, to say the least. Stemming from this argument is also the belief that it is better to have existed and suffered than to have never existed at all. 

Regardless of how ridiculous the initial idea is, let’s follow it through. My opinion:

I would 100% prefer that farm animals were extinct than suffer every day of their lives. 


You, your family, your friends, everyone you know, suffering every hour of every day. Kept in captivity, mutilated, used and eventually killed. This was your parent’s life, this is your life and this would be your children’s life. 

However, if we keep this imaginary scenario going, envision a button… A button that if pressed, would kill every one of your species and the suffering would end forever.

Would you press that button and end your species to save the suffering of yourself and your loved ones? 

I would smash that button. You’re welcome, loved ones 😉 

In actual fact, the likelihood of farm animals becoming extinct as a result of people going vegan is significantly low. As the world slowly becomes more vegan, the demand for animal flesh and bodily fluid will decrease. The animals will be bred less and eventually, when killing animals is no longer a ‘thing’, they’ll live their lives in sanctuaries or in the wild (if they are capable). Remember, these animals did fine living by themselves before humans decided to get involved. For more info on this topic, click here

So if you do eat animals for the sake of keeping the farm animal species from extinction, it’s ok, you can go vegan now 💚