It might come as a surprise to you guys (or maybe not) but I’m not the easiest person to be married to. I have a tendency of ‘surprising’ Wonderful Husband. Just a tiny bit.

For example, one of the reasons Wonderful Husband was initially interested in me was because I wanted to work in academia. We started our relationship, then I decided to leave academia.

Another good example would be that Wonderful Husband thought he was marrying a vegetarian. Well, he was. However two months after our wedding I went vegan. Sly, right?

And a really relevant example was that I promised we would only foster Nutty Dog for a few months. Then we adopted him. But this one wasn’t technically my fault.

Poor Wonderful Husband, I don’t make life easy.Β 

So I totally understand when Wonderful Husband says that we can’t adopt a second dog because then I’ll want to adopt a third. That is such a me-thing to do. However, I am taking this opportunity to publicly announce:


(terms and conditions apply)


I really, really, really want a second dog. I want to adopt a second dog so bad that I’ve said Wonderful Husband can name second dog whatever he likes, although I fear it will be something like ‘Arsene Wenger’.

I’m willing to pay that price.Β 

Wonderful Husband gives other reasons for not wanting to adopt a second dog…

It’s too much hassle

I can’t understand how two dogs could be more hassle than one. I have two hands, therefore I can walk them at the same time, I can feed them at the same time, I can even pick up their poop at the same time!

Nutty Dog might not like Arsene Wenger

Wonderful Husband is right about this one and it’s something to take super seriously. My main reason for wanting to adopt a second dog is for Nutty Dog so we need to make sure that he gets along with Arsene Wenger. Fortunately Nutty Dog has loved having his friends sleep over in the past so I don’t think this will be a big hurdle to jump.

In light of the reasons above, I stillΒ strongly feel that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

We potentially make Nutty Dog even happier!

If we flip the last negative it turns into a positive. Although both Wonderful Husband and I work from home and give Nutty Dog lots of attention, I still feel as though he would be happier having the companionship of Arsene Wenger.

We save a life!

This is a big one for me. For every dog that is adopted from a shelter or a foster home, another lucky dog gets taken off the kill-list. No-brainer. Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 22.20.20

We’ll probably get a lot of joy out of it too

You see when I mentioned above that adopting Nutty Dog wasn’t technically my fault, that’s because Wonderful Husband was actually the one that decided to adopt him. After growing up without animals and then fighting hard against fostering Nutty Dog, Wonderful Husband fell in love. We are both deliriously in love with Nutty Dog and so I can’t imagine how good it would feel adding to our brood.

So if you also think that Wonderful Husband should let us adopt a second dog, sign my petition hereΒ to convince him or add a comment below. I would appreciate your help πŸ’š

Terms and Conditions: The statement above means I shall not ask, beg or demand to adopt a third dog. Should you (Wonderful Husband) want a third dog then I am open to the possibility. Should something happen to Nutty Dog or Arsene Wenger (I’d rather they just lived forever) then I would like to be able to adopt another dog if we are in a position to do so and we want to. If a stray dog were to turn up on our doorstep through no influence of my own, we can provide the dog food and shelter without it being considered a third dog.