Most of us have a favourite animal. An animal that when we see it, our heart does a tiny heart-leap and sings a tiny heart-song. My favourite animal used to be the giraffe, but in my pre-vegan days I went to the zoo and the giraffes ignored me. So I had no choice but to pick a new favourite animal. From then it was the sloth. 

Click here for super cute photos of sloths. 

I love all animals but ESPECIALLY sloths! Luckily I’ve never seen one in person because I think I would faint from cuteness overload if I did. 

So naturally I would search online to find new pictures of sloths (yes, I have no life) and in doing so I stumbled across an article. The article stated that the famous sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica was motivated by money and in fact the sloths were neglected and mistreated. Who would mistreat any animal, especially a cute little sloth?! 

Then I kept searching and I found other articles to corroborate the original one. On top of that, I found out that sloths would often be taken from the wild to be sold as domesticated pets for people who like me, find sloths adorable, but unlike me, don’t respect that wild animals should live in the wild. These sloths are normally snatched from their mother, drugged, declawed and their teeth are cut, just so they can become someone’s pet. 

This got me thinking. There is not a single species that isn’t mistreated, abused and taken advantage of by a human.

So I’m proposing a little experiment, which will hopefully raise some sort of awareness for animals:

Please comment below with your favourite type of animal and I (or anyone who would like to) will reply describing how they are mistreated by humans.

I bet there is not a single species that isn’t mistreated 💚