You wouldn’t believe the nonsense I get from vegans and non-vegans on an almost daily-basis. 

Non-vegans are always wanting to find a non-vegan chink in my vegan armour, and on the other side I have the vegan police claiming that I don’t meet their “vegan standards”. 

Below are 10 reasons why people (that have too much free time) accuse me of not being vegan.


1. I Ate Dairy

In early 2019, Wonderful Husband and I met some friends at a vegetarian restaurant in London. I chose vegan dishes but not long after eating, my belly felt strange and I didn’t make it to the bathroom. 

Let your imagination run wild. 

I’ve been lactose intolerant for many years now and I would bet a lot of money that there was dairy in my food at the restaurant.

I guess that means I’m not vegan anymore. 

2. I Step On Ants

I walk quite a lot (Nutty Dog makes me). Even though we try to avoid ants and other insects, I’m almost certain that I must have killed a few. 

I guess that means I’m not vegan anymore. 

3. I Eat Vegetables

To grow vegetables, a lot of farms will use pesticides which inevitably kill the smaller animals and insects that want to feast on the veggies. This is just one way in which animals are killed in the production of vegetables. There are many others. 

I’ve experienced several non-vegans that were absolutely DESPERATE to tell me that I can’t be vegan because I am responsible for the thousands of small animals that died as a consequence of my consumption of a carrot.

And breathe. Sorry for the long sentence without any pauses.

Whilst I totally acknowledge that animals die as a consequence of producing vegetables, the argument is still nonsense because my intention is not to kill animals. If you’re interested in knowing more on the topic, then you can check out one of my previous delightful articles here, featuring the one and only Piers Morgan. 

I’ll carry on eating vegetables (otherwise I’ll die).

But I guess that means I’m not vegan anymore. 

4. I Wear Leather Shoes

Over six years ago, before I went vegan, I bought black leather high heels. They are still wearable and therefore I still wear them. 

I would never buy leather shoes again, but because I still wear my old ones…

I guess that means I’m not vegan anymore. 

5. I Consume Palm Oil

Despite all the negative press, I still consume palm oil because it is vegan. Some vegans don’t consider palm oil to be vegan for the reasons highlighted in this article

I guess that means I’m not vegan anymore. 

Try to make sure your palm oil (and everything else you eat) is sustainably sourced!

6. I Take Medication

During the 3.5 years of being vegan (or not, based on this article) I’ve not once taken a painkiller, because any pain I’ve had has been manageable.

However, without going into too much detail (despite my desperation to tell you about my diarrhea earlier) I take necessary medication that would have definitely been tested on animals and it probably even includes animal products. 

I guess that means I’m not vegan anymore. 

7. I Eat Avocados

I have to admit, I don’t love them but I still eat them, roughly once every two weeks. 

Unfortunately, some of the bigger companies that produce avocados will transport bees from one farm to another, in order to pollenate them. These bees suffer.

Before I buy an avocado, I don’t ask my greengrocer about the details in which my avocado was born. I don’t think he’d know either. 

I guess that means I’m not vegan anymore. 

8. I Dine at Non-Vegan Restaurants

Some vegans have the following problems with dining at non-vegan restaurants: 

  1. You’re funding companies that promote the suffering of animals. 
  2. The food will probably be prepared with the same kitchenware as meat.

Now my responses: 

  1. Unfortunately yes I am giving money to restaurants that will use that money to fund the killing and abuse of animals. But I also shop at supermarkets that do the same thing. Would you prefer I just didn’t buy food?

    I’m also creating demand for vegan food in a non-vegan establishment and therefore promoting veganism. You’re welcome. 

  2. I don’t care. In no way does my food being cooked with the same apparatus contribute to the suffering of animals.

I guess that means I’m not vegan anymore. 

9. I Eat Figs

Female wasps enter figs and die. They do this of their own free-will. You can find out more information here

I don’t particularly like figs (because the idea of eating dead wasps sounds terrible!). However, I do consider figs to be vegan.

I guess that means I’m not vegan anymore.  

10. Wonderful Husband Isn’t Vegan

This is one I hear from the vegan police all the time.

*Rolling my eyes*

I’m not sure what kind of relationships these people have but I can’t (nor do I want to) force Wonderful Husband to be vegan. I don’t have that kind of power and if I did, I’d have rescued a second dog by now. 

Quick point: If vegans surround themselves with other vegans, then how are you supposed to get a positive message out to non-vegans? 

It’s like I’m Jeremy Corbyn and Wonderful Husband is the IRA…

Don’t worry if you don’t get it. 

Anyway, I guess that means I’m not vegan anymore. 

Let’s remember that vegan is nothing but a word. A word that defines you doing your best for the animals. So if you’re honestly doing your best, don’t listen to hate and their unreasonable reasoning. You’re doing mega and we’ll carry on being crumby vegans together 💚