Everyone burns out from time to time. This is my burn out.

I apologise if I come across too blunt. 

In 2016 I wrote a post called Animal Lovers(?). Since then I’ve had a few (hundred) people tell me that they love animals. Then I find out that they eat animal products.

I smile. I understand what they mean. They love their pets and therefore they believe that their feelings extend to all other animals. But it doesn’t. Or at least their actions do not. 

What would you do if someone told you that they loved children, but then you found out that they went out kicking children from certain countries? They kicked the children from the countries of Pigland and Cowland, but they treated the children from Catland and Dogland like they were family. 

Would you call this person someone that loves children? Or just a lover of children from Catland and Dogland?

Now you know how I feel. 

It takes all my strength to smile when you tell me you’re an animal lover. I’m tired of smiling. 

If you truly love animals, all animals, stop being so selfish and let me help you 💚