Please don’t do it again.
I can’t understand why you think this would be ok.
How did they give their consent?
Just please don’t.
You know it’s wrong.
They screamed.
They tried to run away.
Never do it again.
They were innocent.
You’ve destroyed their life.
They were so young.
They suffered because of you.
It’s not your right to touch their body.
You abused their trust.
No one deserves this.
You are sick.

But I like it.

Every line above can be applied to the depraved things done by humans to both humans and animals.

If someone’s justification for abusing children was “I like it” then that person would be considered mentally ill, yet the same is not considered true for the people that take enjoyment from eating animals. To those people: your liking for something should not trump another being’s desire to live. That’s pretty ridiculous for you to think so too.