Below I’ve listed a few features of my ideal world. There would be:

World peace
Equal resources
Rainbows in the sky
Flowers everywhere
Peace between people
No abandoned animals
Streets lined with fruit trees
Everyone would love their job
No one would be hungry or thirsty
Netflix Spain would play Netflix US
There would be no need for prisons
Every child would have a loving family
Everyone would have access to free education
Everyone would have access to free healthcare
Compassionate people would govern the world
Fresh sweet (vegan!) popcorn would be made available everywhere
Humans wouldn’t eat animals because there would be tasty alternatives

What about your ideal world?

Would you have equality?

Yea, right? Unless you’re racist, xenophobic, homophobic etc. and in that case I hope you’re never in a position of power.

Would you have world peace?

People would be crazy not to have world peace in their ideal world. Who wouldn’t want a safe planet for their children to grow up on, safe from fear or harm from war.

Would you have flowers everywhere?

Only the hay fever sufferers wouldn’t want flowers everywhere!

Would you have a world where humans wouldn’t eat animals because there would be tasty alternatives?

Wait! You would?! Well today is your lucky day! It happens that your ideal world has come sooner than you expected because there are now vegan alternatives for pretty much any food and they taste delicious!


If you consider yourself an open-minded person then comment below with one food or drink item that you think can’t be made using vegan alternatives, I’ll reply to your comment with the vegan alternative (whether it be from a store or a recipe) and then you try it. Deal?

*me offering you my virtual hand for a virtual handshake*

I’m so glad we could come to this agreement and I look forward to hearing from you! Have a great day πŸ’š