Dear Friend Harjit is keen on learning about animal cruelty. The more people learn and become aware, the less likely it is to carry on. He even tells me if he has had a vegetarian day (this means he has been so busy that he got by on crisps and hummus all day!). Although I don’t want him to be unhealthy, I am very grateful for the sentiment. If you want to learn more about how Harjit fared on World Vegan Day, click here 😀

Also, for seven months Dear Friend Harjit went on a mission to learn about the production of milk and tried lots of plant-based milk. After lots and lots of thinking, I am happy to announce that in Jan 2017, Harjit has given up cow’s milk. He tells me that the only time he has cow’s milk is if he runs out of his plant-based milk… But the chances of that happening are slim to none as his mum has been stocking up. Thanks Harjit’s mum!