My Wonderful Grannie Annie and Grandad Nip (yes, that is what I call them) have set their sights on a journey of helping animals. For years they did their very best to house both dogs and cats from rescues (picture is of Grannie Annie and their mega dog JJ) and many of them became beloved, life-long members of the family. Now they are on a different path, an eating one. 

I have lovely memories of Grandad Nip making yummy stuffed mushrooms and tomatos at annual BBQ’s rin their garden and I remember the wonderful veggie food that Grannie Annie would cook for me so that I wouldn’t feel left out at Sunday lunch around the dining table… But I hadn’t realised how much they think about vegetarian food until now. 

Grannie Annie has began to make slow but incredibly significant changes to the food they eat. After years of Grandad Nip complaining of cow’s milk making him not feel very well, they have now made the transition to oat milk and they love it! They’ve also been enjoying alternatives to meat and really like the Linda McCartney sausages. Grannie Annie has also said that she prefers to eat the veggie option when dining out – how amazing is this? I have mega grandparents! 

I’m sooo looking forward to hearing if they try anything else and I’ll definitely update you on their journey 🙂