First and foremost, nothing to do with animals, Carma is the most conscientious and caring parent, to her one year old, beautiful daughter, Elodie. This kind of links up to the next part of my story…

Carma is super health conscious, especially when it comes to diet. She recognised that Elodie would consistently get a rash after consuming dairy. As Elodie might have an intolerance to dairy, Carma decided that she would give up dairy too so that there was no way of Elodie consuming dairy through Carma’s breastmilk. Normally people ease into these alternative diets but Mega Friend Carma was such a pro and gave up dairy then and there.

Now Mega Friend Carma has decided to give up meat too, yah!!

Carma is so insistent on maintaining a healthy diet for both herself, Elodie and her husband Matt. Fortunately she is super resourceful and finds healthy alternatives to both meat and dairy. I’m so grateful when I receive a message from Carma as it normally contains a picture of an amazing vegan product she has found in the supermarket (like almond milk with added calcium but no added sugar!!!).