Dénia is a vibrant coastal town, famous for the ‘Red Denia Prawn’. Understandably so, the small Spanish community is not famous for the mega vegan food that is popping up all over town. However, I’m here to tell you about it 🙂   

On top of that, if you’re looking for vegan-friendly restaurants slightly outside of Dénia (only ones I’ve visited) then click here.

Also, if you’re stuck trying to find a place that serves non-dairy milk in your coffee, then look no further. Click here for cafes that serve non-dairy milk. 

Now for vegan-friendly restaurants in Dénia, in alphabetical order…

Bar BBQ Fuego

Although you may think that this would be the last kind of restaurant that would be featured on a vegan blog, Bar BBQ Fuego do a decent vegan burger (you need to request without cheese and mayo). I’ve also been told their vegan mixed grill is quite nice but I haven’t tried it yet, so don’t quote me 🙂 

Bar Bus

This restaurant is a typical tapas restaurant and very famous in and around Dénia. It’s a great place to go should you want to go somewhere with your non-vegan friends and family. I love having a feast of chips, mushrooms, bread, tomatos and cocas!

Ban Thai

This Thai restaurant has lovely and accomodating Staff and he food is delicious. Every dish is available with tofu but make sure that you request without fish sauce, which is commonly used in Thai dishes. This restaurant can be found on the popular Calle Loreto. 


This pizzeria located outside St Antonio’s Church serves a tofu burger!! The tofu burger comes with a sauce inside so I would check beforehand and remove it if non-vegan. I will check in the near-future. 😀

Recommendation: Tofu burger (without mayo).

Brasil Restaurante Cerveceria

This restaurant is a new restaurant on the block and offers a number of diverse dishes. This restaurant can be found on Calle Colon and is promoting yummy vegan food. They have degustation menus which are specific to their customers and there are many vegan options (especially when you give them advance notice). I had a great time there, especially as their waiter is a fab musician and will normally give you a mega performance.

Unfortunately they still don’t have a FB page but will add it as soon as it becomes available. 

UPDATE: I *think* this restaurant has closed down 😦

Recommendation: Their fried banana.

Buddha Castle

This restaurant is probably the most impressive when it comes to vegan Nepalese food. You can get all of your Indian staples but no butter/ghee is used and instead they use vegetable oil. This means that you can have naan bread which is quite an exception and a treat!

Recommendation: Try their peshwari naan!

Codigos del Arte

This beautiful little cafe is found down the small alley Callejon Morat. They serve great coffee (with soya milk!), fruit juices and the loveliest vegan sandwiches. This place is a little gem. 

Codigos de Arte got taken over in Jan 2017, fortunately for us vegans they still promote amazing vegan food. The owners are wonderful so I would highly recommend popping in! 

Costa Vegana (home delivery)

Dénia are so lucky to now have a service which delivers vegan food straight to your door. Lovely Yanina and her family run the yummy Tribus restaurant in the local town of Benitachell, but if you’re like me and can’t get there as frequently as you would like to, you can always opt for their delivery service. Costa Vegana offer a wide range of yummy vegan dishes and deliver to Dénia every Monday and Thursday after 17:00. I have personally tried their food and I LOVED it so I would highly recommend checking out their website

DOA (formally Al Natural)

This pizzeria is a first for Dénia: a first for vegan cheese pizza… AND IT’S REALLY REALLY GOOD! Finally my cheese pizza craving can be satisfied after years of struggling. You can find this pizzeria on Calle Diana and you will not be disappointed. The staff are super friendly and you’ll love the food. If I could go every day I would!

El Baret de Miquel

This place is a knock-out! If you love tapas and you’re living or visiting Dénia then make sure to visit this restaurant. Located on Calle Historiador Palau, this little restaurant is very understated from the outside but when you get to dine there, you begin to understand why it takes six months to reserve a table at this eatery. The ‘legend’ is that Miquel Ruiz has turned down a Michilin star as he does not want to conform and prefers to concentrate only on his food. The staff here are incredibly friendly and have a fantastic knowledge of vegan food. Nothing on their menu is vegan, however they will adapt almost every dish to suit your needs! Please do go and take pictures as every plate is a piece of art. 

El Comercio

Fortunately for us vegans El Comercio, located on Marques de Campo, has recently added a vegan dish to their menu: Garlic and walnut spaghetti… And it’s yum! I was incredibly happy to see they were finally serving a vegan dish. Although remember to ask for no cheese as the one time I didn’t mention anything, it came out with grated parmesan shavings (they were happy to fix this for me). 

El Sol

El Sol is the cutest little restaurant found just on the way out of Dénia in Las Marinas. The restaurant is owned by a lovely couple and they offer such fantastic food for incredibly cheap prices. Their menu del dia is only €8.95!! Fortunately for us vegans they have started branching out into the vegan world. They ask for a few days notice before you eat there, but you won’t be dissapointed in what they offer. 

Els Magazinos Dénia

This new food hub of Dénia has everyone excited and a definite must visit in Dénia! There are a wide range of restaurants and bars in this very unique and lively food court offering a wide selection of experiences. The vegan food is still slowly pushing it’s way into this popular eating place and I do expect it to improve soon, but currently I can confirm that you can eat:

Poke Bowl restaurant: tofu poke bowl.

Sala Thai: spring rolls, vegan pad thai.

The Speak: Edamame beans (they have a vegetable burger but their burger buns are not vegan at this present time).

Friends Bar

Formally known as Bertie’s, but now a few doors down, this little cafe offers both a vegan hotdog and hamburger! Friends love it here and it’s such a nice place to hang out. If you’re looking for a quick bite, this is the place to go 🙂 

Heladeria La Dolce Vita Dénia

By far the best vegan ice cream in Dénia (that I’ve found so far)! Their icecreams are incredibly high quality and offer quite a nice range of vegan flavours including chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, coconut, mango and possibly more. Their cone is also vegan!

Recommendation: I get a scoop of chocolate and coconut and it’s like a bounty!

Indian Palace

This restaurant is located on Alquería del Saladar and has incredibly knowledgeable staff when it comes to veganism. My favourite dishes to have are the mushroom bhaji (no cream), lemon rice and roti (no butter). Remember you get free popadoms too!


This Nepali-Indian restaurant rivals the Indian Palace in location and in my opinion, on mushroom bhajis as well. Located a little way up Las Marinas on km 1, this restaurant serves great vegan food (even my meat-eater friends rave about it!). This restaurant can get incredibly busy on performance nights and during the summer so I would highly recommend that you book at these times. 

LaSabrosa Taqueria

Can you guys believe we have a Mexican streetfood place in Dénia now? I can’t believe how lucky we are. You can find the fastfood restaurant on Calle Ramón y Cajal and you will not be dissapointed when you get there! They offer a vegan alternative for almost every meal available and the food is yummy. Everyone should definitely try this place out!


Meshico is a Japanese-Mexican fusion restaurant located on Calle Loreto. I have eaten in this restaurant numerous times now and have yet to be disappointed. The sushi is the best I have ever had. Note there is nothing specifically vegan on the menu but if you tell the staff that you’re vegan then the chef will make you array of dishes. You won’t leave hungry! 

Recommendation: Vegetable tempura, miso soup, gyoza dumplings and spring rolls. They sometimes even have cactus sorbet which is amazing!

MoVida Dénia

This restaurant (opened in Feb 2018) is a fab addition to the town of Dénia and lucky for us vegans, the owner is more than happy to embrace the vegan world too. In the two times I dined there (once for breakfast and once for dinner) the staff were more than happy to adapt dishes for me, which were delicious and beautifully presented. Not only this, but the owner has told us of two new vegan dishes that they will be adding to the tapas menu in the near future. 

Recommendation: Their vegan big breakfast! Also their spinach and mushroom tapas dishes. 

Patricia & Me

This restaurant is located on St Antonio Square and has recently been taken over by a very enthusiastic team. Although they will never be a vegan restaurant (their words) they are still very excited about new vegan food and always open to trying new things. They offer a yummy bocadillo, salads, ‘proper’ chips and small tapas dishes. I would highly recommend for a lovely lunch out.

Update: They have now added a beautiful beetroot burger to their menu and it is yummy! The owner has also assured me that there will be at least one vegan option on the dessert list next time I go.

I love this place!

Pizza La Vecchia Roma

I had often wandered past this restaurant and checked out the menu. The restaurant looks cosy inside however the menu doesn’t scream “VEGAN” like any other classic Italian. However after a chance meeting with the restaurant manager one day, I was informed that this restaurant would serve vegan pasta. After visiting this restaurant, I can tell you that they offer so much more than vegan pasta!

The owner is super friendly, passionate about his food and, best of all, he took veganism incredibly seriously – something I am super grateful for. 

I would highly recommend heading to this Italian restaurant for a yummy, cosy lunch or dinner. 

Recommendation: Their garlic bread… OH. MY. GOSH. 

Quique Dacosta

Dénia is sooooo lucky to be home to a three starred Michilin restaurant! This is the priciest restaurant on this page but I would highly recommend to dine there on very, VERY, special occasions as the food is phenomenal. Wonderful Husband and I went to Quique Dacosta to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and we still hold many lovely memories of the food. Our joint favourite dish was definitely the different textures of tomato – it was amazing! Make sure to tell the restaurant in advance that you’re vegan and then be prepared for a mind-blowing taste sensation!

Real Club Nautico Dénia

This restaurant is perfect if you’re looking for a meal with a view. Traditionally a seafood restaurant, however their chef seems to know how to handle veggies (really well!). At Real Club Nautico Dénia you can have a great menu of the day for only €20. I would highly recommend on a clear, sunny day. 

Sala Thai

Since trying their massaman curry (recommendation from Mega Friend Zoë!) Sala Thai has probably become my favourite Thai restaurant in Dénia. You can find this restaurant on Explanada de Cervantes (the road on the coast) or in Els Magazinos however they cannot offer all food in the latter store due to the size restrictions. They understand vegan food and offer tofu with all of their dishes. Very impressed with the staff and the lovely couple heading their team!

Recommendations: Massaman curry in their main restaurant, vegan pad thai in Els Magazinos.

Tempura Bar Freiduría

This restaurant was a late edition to Dénia in 2017 but I am so, so happy it’s here. Located  on the corner of Calle Diana and Calle Mar, this restaurant is fabulous for vegans! Their tempura is made with no animal products and focuses on good quality olive oil. Until visiting this restaurant I had never tried tempura avocado before – it’s an absolute must! I would highly suggest telling the restaurant beforehand that you’re vegan so they can prepare something for you – you will not be disappointed! 

The Good Burger (TGB)

The Good Burger is a fast food franchise that made it’s way into Dénia a few years ago. Recently they’ve upgraded their veggie burger to a BEYOND MEAT burger. This burger is super good and you can get a yummy burger, chips and a drink for under €9! I wouldn’t recommend eating this food every day but I’ll definitely be attempting to make my way there once a month to feed that fast food craving. 

Genuinely surprised at how great this burger was!

The Railway Tavern

The Railway Tavern have recently been taken over by new owners and they have assured us that there will always be vegan sausages on hand so none of us will go starving. Once their kitchen opens fully, I will update everyone if they add anything else vegan to their menu. 

UPDATE: The Railway Tavern now offer a Big Vegan Breakfast! 

Tutto Frutto

Although this establishment is not a restaurant, it definitely belongs in this list! Located on Paseo Explanada Cervantes, Tutto Frutto offers a wide choice of dairy-free ice creams, perfect for vegans! So far I have tried strawberry and mango flavour.

Verdeando Eco

A 100% vegan restaurant located on the Las Marinas road leaving Dénia. They specialise in raw food to create healthy and tasty dishes. They avoid all refined sugar and only use seawater in their dishes. You will not be able to find a microwave in their kitchen as they try to keep food as natural as possible, even their oven is 50% steamed!

The only criticism I have of this restaurant is it is too far from my house! I don’t get to go there as often as I would like. I would recommend their entire menu!

Recommendation: Lasagne. Quesodillas. Quiche. NO-CHICKEN SANDWICH. Lemon mousse. 


I am so happy to announce that Dénia now has an amazing Chinese restaurant! I’ve only been once so far but I do plan on returning. They were a bit unsure what could be made for vegans but as us vegans know, sometimes we have to get creative! I think that this restaurant, with a tiny push in the right direction, is going to be great for vegans wanting Chinese food in Dénia. I plan on updating this entry soon!


For everyone that dines at these restaurants, it is so important that we spread a friendly vegan message. So don’t forget to give them fantastic ratings on both TripAdvisor and HappyCow 💚