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There are lots of yummy places that vegans can go to eat in Dénia…

Ban Thai

This beautiful Thai restaurant is new to Dénia but already becoming a favourite among the locals. Staff are lovely and accommodating and the food is delicious. Every dish is available with tofu but make sure that you request without fish sauce, which is commonly used in Thai dishes. This restaurant can be found on the popular Calle Loreto. 


This pizzeria located outside St Antonio’s Church serves a tofu burger!! The tofu burger comes with a sauce inside so I would check beforehand and remove it if non-vegan. I will check in the near-future. 😀

Codigos del Arte

This beautiful little cafe is found down the small alley Callejon Morat. They serve great coffee (with soya milk!), fruit juices and the loveliest vegan sandwiches. This place is a little gem. 

Codigos de Arte got taken over in Jan 2017, fortunately for us vegans they still promote amazing vegan food. They even offer a vegan menu del dia every Tuesday and Thursday for €9 and vegan tapas every Thursday night. The owners are wonderful so I would highly recommend popping in! 


This lovely tapas restaurant on Calle Loreto offers a vegan take on patatas bravas: Fried potatoes with gravy. It also offers lovely padron peppers and a lovely Depepo salad.

De Tapas

This restaurant is located on Calle Patricio Ferrandiz, away from the main group of tapas restaurants in Dénia, but it doesn’t disappoint – actually quite the opposite! The owners (super friendly!) are very familiar with veganism and will tell you all about what you can eat at their lovely restaurant. Normally I find tapas to be quite greasy but De Tapas didn’t have that problem at all. I would highly recommend the pimientos padron, grilled veg and the patatas bravas.

After speaking with the owners, they told me that they like it when vegans book ahead so they can make something special for them. They have a vegan recipe book in the kitchen that they love cooking from. The last time I went, they made me mini burgers, a pie and tomato soup… So book ahead fellow vegans!! 

El Comercio

Fortunately for us vegans El Comercio, located on Marques de Campo, has recently added a vegan dish to their menu: Garlic and walnut spaghetti… And it’s yum! I was incredibly happy to see they were finally serving a vegan dish. Although remember to ask for no cheese as the one time I didn’t mention anything, it came out with grated parmesan shavings (they were happy to fix this for me). 

Indian Palace

This restaurant is located on Alquería del Saladar and has incredibly knowledgeable staff when it comes to veganism. My favourite dishes to have are the mushroom bhaji (no cream), lemon rice and roti (no butter). Remember you get popadoms for free too! 


This is a great fast food restaurant if you’re looking for something quick (located just off of Marques de Campo) and tasty. Japiwok has friendly staff that know about veganism and are more than happy to tell you which of their dishes you can have. I opted to have the noodles with tofu and stir fried veg – it was yum (and only 5€!).


This Nepali-Indian restaurant rivals the Indian Palace in location and in my opinion, on mushroom bhajis as well. Located a little way up Las Marinas on km 1, this restaurant serves great vegan food (even my meat-eater friends rave about it!). This restaurant can get incredibly busy on performance nights and during the summer so I would highly recommend that you book at these times. 

La Cova Talla

Located on Calle Loreto, this lovely restaurant has super friendly staff who are more than happy to accommodate vegans. The grilled veg here is lovely, their vegetable paella (for one) does not use meat stock and they also serve a vegan patatas bravas! This restaurant is a lovely place to enjoy a meal with friends. 

Lungo Mare

Found on the main street in Dénia, Marques de Campo, In my opinion, this restaurant serves the best pizza in Dénia. Note, vegans can just ask for without cheese! 

M&A Bistro Bakery

This little bistro-bakery is fantastic for someone looking for a lovely vegan lunch. The venue is located in the square outside St Antonio’s church (just off of Marques de Campo)  and offers a wide range of sandwiches, sides and salads. The staff are super friendly and knowledgable about their food. I would highly recommend making your own sandwich (which they are happy to do) with hummus and veg, their quinoa salad (without cheese) and their hummus and pitta bread – yum!


Meshico is a Japanese-Mexican fusion restaurant located on Calle Loreto. I have eaten in this restaurant numerous times now and have yet to be disappointed. The sushi is the best I have ever had. Note there is nothing specifically on the menu (apart from vegetable tempura) but if you tell the staff that you’re vegan then the chef will make you array of dishes. You won’t leave hungry! 

Pizza Senza Nome

This fantastic pizzeria is a favourite amongst my friends. This wonderful pizzeria, located just behind the indoor market on Carrer Magallanes, are more that happy to ensure their pizza base is vegan and serve their yummy pizza’s without cheese. Perfect for anyone who loves pizza! (Next we’ll have to convince them to use vegan cheese – my next goal!)

Tasca Les Monges

Tasca Les Monges is one of the friendliest restaurants in Dénia, located in Calle Loreto. Max, the manager and the waitresses (especially Anna) will go out of their way to help you in any way possible. Vegan dishes include their lovely vegetarian paella 😀

Tempura Bar Freiduría

This restaurant was a late edition to Dénia in 2017 but I am so, so happy it’s here. Located  on the corner of Calle Diana and Calle Mar, this restaurant is fabulous for vegans! Their tempura is made with no animal products and focuses on good quality olive oil. Until visiting this restaurant I had never tried tempura avocado before – it’s an absolute must! I would highly suggest telling the restaurant beforehand that you’re vegan so they can prepare something for you – you will not be disappointed! 

Tutto Frutto

Although this establishment is not a restaurant, it definitely belongs in this list! Located on Paseo Explanada Cervantes, Tutto Frutto offers a wide choice of dairy-free ice creams, perfect for vegans! So far I have tried strawberry and mango flavour.

Verdeando Eco

A great vegan restaurant located on the Las Marinas road leaving Dénia. They specialise in raw food to create healthy and tasty dishes. They avoid all refined sugar and only use seawater in their dishes. You will not be able to find a microwave in their kitchen as they try to keep food as natural as possible, even their oven is 50% steamed!

The only criticism I have of this restaurant is it is too far from my house! I don’t get to go there as often as I would like. I would recommend their entire menu!

Neighbouring Towns

Xabia – Ethos Cafe-Bar

This page was supposed to be all about Dénia but I didn’t account for such an amazing (totally vegan!) cafe to spring up in the neighbouring town of Xabia. I had some fantastic food in this cafe including the Not-Dog, the Pulled Pork Sandwich and the Banh-Mi Bocadillo. This is cruelty-free eating at it’s finest! So if you’re in Dénia I would highly recommend taking a trip to Xabia for the day and dining at their best restaurant. Find their restaurant by the link above. 

For everyone that dines at these restaurants, it is so important that we spread a friendly vegan message. So don’t forget to give them fantastic ratings on both TripAdvisor and HappyCow 💚