‘Intelligence tho’

The reasoning of why we cannot justify eating meat by saying that farm animals are less intelligent than humans.

Man’s Best Friend

Some videos that may make you question why we love dogs but eat farm animals.

Personal Choice

Here we question the idea that what we choose to eat is our personal choice.

The Threat

If someone threatened to hurt your dog unless you pay them money, what would you do?


Two babies were born on the same day. One was born in England and the other in Australia. The baby …

Dangerous Dogs

On the banning of certain breeds of dogs… What’s your opinion?

Nobody Wants to Hurt Animals

Something that has always puzzled me…  -Kill tons of animals: farmer. -Kill a dog: criminal.  -Avoid killing any animals: vegan… …

When Food has a Face

Wonderful Husband, Bestest Daddy and I sat in the terrace of a paella restaurant. We’d had such a nice morning …