Fortunately for the residents in Jávea, the vegan community is thriving and businesses are beginning to supply the increasing vegan demand. I find it difficult to get over to Jávea (from Dénia), so instead most of the reviews on this page will be by Lovely Jen, who is a big, vegan foodie and likes to try out different restaurants offering vegan loveliness. Reviews made by myself will be accompanied by * 🙂 

So in alphabetical order…

Caffè Milano*

This little cafe off of Avinguda del Pla brings back feelings of England for me. The cafe is incredibly understated however the food is of a high quality, the owners are super friendly and the prices are incredibly reasonable. The owners of Caffè Milano Jávea are incredibly happy to cater for vegans and I would highly recommend their pan con tomate. Their drinks are also a reason to visit and they even stock Oatly (Barista Edition)!

Cala Bandida

A modern, vibrant restaurant right by the sea in Jávea port with beautiful views and sunshine in the summer. No items on the menu are specifically marked vegan, but they do have little green plant symbols which you shouldn’t allow to fool you – one of these dishes contains salmon! There are, however, some options so just be clear with the server. For breakfast they do fruit salad and can make avocado toast on request. Plant milks are also stocked.


This place has a great buzz and I would highly recommend for a quick pop in, considering the vegan food they have on offer. Carnaval is all about fusion so you won’t be surprised that I had patatas bravas with dim sum – the perfect combo for any sunny afternoon 😉

Curry Palace

The delicious food is outdone only by the service in this beachfront restaurant in Jávea Port, where diners are greeted with a smile and freebie upon freebie is lavished upon you during your meal. Some of these are not vegan, but if you explained you were vegan when you arrived and made it clear you only wanted vegan options then I’m sure they would be happy to oblige. The tarka dal, bindi bhaji and lemon rice are some of my personal favourites.

Geographic Bar*

I adore this place for breakfast (and dessert). Geographic Bar are incredibly happy to adapt their breakfast for us vegans and even nicer, they serve churros and if you didn’t know already…  CHURROS ARE VEGAN! So I am always happy to stop for a cafe con leche de soja here because it means I can stuff my face with my yearly quota of churros 🙂

La Cocina

Located a five-min walk from the port on a quiet street, this family-run restaurant has a chef who is plant-based and the staff seem to understand and respect veganism. They have a specific vegetarian and vegan menu, and are very open to adaptations upon request. They stock vegan ice cream and plant milks and even have a vegan red wine on the menu (not labelled, but you can check Barnivore). The food is genuinely delicious, very inventive and flavourful with not a bland salad in sight. Most of their options can also be made gluten-free.

Monsoon Thai

A large restaurant overlooking the pebbly beach on Avenida Mediterráneo, Monsoon Thai can make virtually any dish vegan if you request tofu instead of meat and be clear that you would like soy sauce instead of fish sauce (fish sauce is used in a great many dishes as standard). I didn’t like the tofu in the curry because it was very soft, so I’d order without in future. However, all the dishes I’ve had have been really tasty, if not quite the same as authentic Thai food in Thailand. Monsoon Thai is also at the pricier end of the scale, with a curry and rice costing €15-20 without drinks.


I do not recommend vegans (or anyone with a food allergy) to dine at salt.

If you would like more information, please find my TripAdvisor review here 🙂  

The Beach House

Underneath AND on top of Cala Bandida is a new restaurant called The Beach House, which sports a fresh, clean interior with a holiday feel and has prices to match. They have a delicious quinoa burger on their menu which isn’t labelled as vegan but I couldn’t see anything obviously non-vegan listed in the description. Might be worth asking to be sure before ordering.


As the only 100% plant-based café in Jávea, V-Thos is most vegans’ first choice for breakfast or lunch. Usually closing at 4pm, evening set menus are occasionally offered. Everything on the menu is homemade and locally sourced, most of the dishes are, or can be, made gluten-free, and oil and salt are used sparingly in the cooking. The carrot cake and the black bean brownies alone make it worth a visit!


For everyone that dines at these restaurants, it is so important that we spread a friendly vegan message. So don’t forget to give them fantastic ratings on both TripAdvisor and HappyCow 🙂