And I have the blood test results to prove it.

This post is all about trying to eradicate the crappy myth that veganism isn’t healthy. In regards to health, there is a huge amount of negativity towards veganism, probably stemming from the meat and dairy industries, that I wanted to desperately disprove when I transitioned to a vegan diet. So I decided that after a year of veganism (if I didn’t die of protein deficiency) I’d take a blood test. 

So I did.

My vegan anniversary was on Saturday 1st of July 2017, so the Monday after I marched on down to the doctors to face my fears (I wasn’t worried about the results, I’m just petrified of needles!). I got the results a week later and had my doctor explain them to me.

Below are a few points that I thought might interest you. Be aware that these snippets of information come from a very brief recollection of what my doctor told me and my really shoddy skills at Googling… However I do have the scanned copy of my results below for you to scrutinise. Enjoy!


My neutrophil (a type of white blood cell) count was slightly low. My doctor said this level is normally from having a weak virus around the time of the blood test. This makes sense as I had a cold around that time.

My doctor described sedimentation rate to be the rate at which blood settles down after it’s all fizzed up (he used a different term). My sedimentation rate is smack bang on the upper limit. In consideration of my other results, my doctor advised that this was probably higher than normal because of the date that I, a woman, had my blood test. If you know what I mean.

My ferritin levels are low. My doctor said that ferritin is the ability to store iron and that low levels could indicate an iron deficiency. He said that he was pretty sure that my levels were low because of the same reason that my sedimentation rate was high. However he couldn’t be sure and so advised me to take an iron supplement for one month and then rest for two, then repeat. Easy peasy.

My alkaline phosphate levels are perfectly fine. The reason I mention this is because low levels of alkaline phosphate may indicate a deficiency in calcium and/or vitamin D… But not this vegan!

Vitamin B12 is a vegan’s cryptonite as it is widely reported that we (and everyone else – but that doesnt get reported) can sometimes suffer from a deficiency. This is because we can’t naturally source vitamin B12. However B12 is supplemented into an animal’s feed, so non-vegans also get it in vitamin form but only after an animal has eaten it first. So when I got my results you can imagine my surprise when they reported that my B12 levels were too high! Fortunately a high level of B12 is not toxic but the doctor has again advised me to do the one month on, two months off dance and not supplement every day as I had been previously. If anyone is looking for a vegan B12 supplement then I would highly recommend HealthSpan.


I don’t want to tempt fate but I think the whole ‘eating healthier, saving animals and the environment thing’ is working! But hey, I’m not going to get cocky, there’s always next year… And the doctor said I need to drink more water.
And I do.
So I am.
It’s vegan 😀

If you have any comments or questions about my blood test results, feel free to post them on here or to me in a private message. Thanks for reading 💚