So long story short (or actually long), I told Wonderful Husband about a Facebook post I had read recently. The post was about a couple, the girl was vegan and the guy was non-vegan. They were eating in a restaurant and the girl ordered a salad and chips whilst the guy ordered chicken wings. The guy then claimed to be able to taste ‘suffering’ in the chicken wings (what does that even taste like?!) and decided to quit eating meat there and then. I then asked Wonderful Husband had he ever tasted ‘suffering’? He quickly replied “no”.

You see, he knows that if he shows any compassion towards animals then I’ll pounce with my vegan magic wand.

Wonderful Husband then went on to say “but they probably made the guy sick”. I asked why and he told me a story about him and two friends going to a bar because there was a promotion for 50 chicken wings. They shared the chicken wings and as a result, Wonderful Husband felt sick from eating too many.

Wonderful Husband has given me permission to blog about this story. Drum roll please… 

50 chicken wings.


25 chickens that were born.

25 chickens that had their beaks cut off!

25 chickens that were confined to a factory!

25 chickens that had their throat slit!

25 chickens that had to suffer and die for a promotion at a bar!

Am I emphasising 25 enough?

Imagine you’re having a dinner party and you have to cook for 25 people. That’s a lot of people to be cooking dinner for. Now imagine killing those 25 people. Now it’s a lot of death.

Or try to imagine that you care for 25 dogs. 25 dogs sounds ridiculous, right? (Unless you’re an amazing dog shelter). Most of us love dogs but 25 is way too many (two is too many according to Wonderful Husband, sigh). Now imagine killing those 25 dogs. That’s a lot of horrible, horrible death.

So why does the killing of 25 chickens for one single meal not sound bad? Yet killing 25 humans or 25 dogs sounds atrocious. This is because society has been brainwashed into thinking that chickens are just a commodity, as are pigs, sheep, fish, cows etc. We have been taught not to think of 50 chicken wings as 25 lives. There is no excuse. We no longer eat meat to survive, we now eat meat because we are selfish human beings that have lost compassion and heart for innocent animals.

It’s called gluttony peeps. 

So I’m interested… How many animals have died as a direct consequence of your appetite in the last 24 hours? Comment below. My count is zero, and it’s been zero for the last six and half years (since I went vegetarian). To make this simple, I haven’t taken into account the cruelty, suffering and death that takes place in the dairy and egg industries.

I’m well aware that animals will die as a result of producing plant-based foods, but veganism is about causing the least suffering possible. Try to consciously get your number down to zero, for today at the very least. If you need any help, always feel free to get in touch.

Go vegan 💚